Get more sharp images in Burst mode

Instinctively, I would use the burst mode on my camera to shoot fast-moving subjects. That's true but not only that!  If you are in a situation where you are shooting handheld and your shutter speed is too slow to get you a sharp image, try shooting in burst mode. The more frames per second your camera can deliver, the better of course. It saved me a few times!

Fuji Camera Remote App for smartphone: the only detail they didn't tell you

Yes you guessed it, I'm shooting Fuji, an X-T1 to be more precise and I love it. I came to use the wireless connection feature more and more and I have to say that it works flawlessly... well now it does because I discovered by myself THE detail that all the posts out there didn't talk about: the focus setting of your camera. Before launching the FujiFilm camera remote app, make sure that your focus mode is set to Single (S)  and not to Manual otherwise you will not be able to focus using your smartphone!! Since I mostly shoot on manual focus, taping on my smartphone screen to focus didn't work and I didn't why. I read everything on the Internet and never found the answer.  Now you have it. Happy shooting.