Architecture and fine art photography

Making historic architecture come to life.


My mission is to give historic buildings their full dignity and help historic building owners attract more clients so they can relive the past the way it should be told. 

I have the utmost privilege of being able to combine two of my biggest passions: history (I believe I was born a medieval knight in a past life ;) and photography. My passion for history is boundless, and photography is the best tool I have to transmit that passion and make clients benefit from it. Why me? Because I'm crazy...but in a good way! When I'm obsessed with a shot, I can go miles and miles for it. I can wait months and months for it. I can climb trees, crawl under I don't know what, get in places where nobody has dared to go before just to get that angle of view. I'm just obsessed with giving people images never seen before, even if it means taking risks. That's where I get a kick from life. That's when I feel alive. 



Last projects

Langley Castle

It was built in the middle of the 14th century by Sir Thomas de Lucy as a great H plan H-shaped tower of four storeys. Before this the site was the seat of the Barons of Tynedale in the 12th century, from whom descend the Tyndall family.

Appleby Castle

The castle was founded by Ranulf le Meschin at the beginning of the 12th century. In about 1170 the square stone keep known as Caesar's Tower was built. The castle was in royal hands when the Scottish king, William the Lion, invaded the Eden Valley in 1174.