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I found a camera in 1192...

No, it's not an error, the year is correct. I believed I was born in middle ages and then became a knight who happened to love photography. Please read on.

My fate as a medieval knight was sealed due to back pain. Let me explain. As far back as I can remember, I have always been profoundly attracted to anything related to medieval history. I have always believed that I was born in the middle ages, but here is a true story.

Many years ago, I suffered from severe back pain, and after having seen 14 types of doctors, I reluctantly went to see a very well-known chakra healer. The healer laid her hands above me for 1 hour, and after the session she said, "I could feel intense heat in the middle of your back, but I saw something from your past life. Do you like medieval history?"

- "Yeees... why?"

- "Well, I could see that you worn born in the 1200's in England. You were a tall knight with long black hair. I couldn't pick up your name tough.

"I was totally speechless. The chakra healer didn't know me, and there was not even a remote chance that she would have known that very personal fact about me. That sealed it. I was indeed a medieval knight!

Needless to say that I'm completely and utterly crazy--not only about medieval history but any period of history. Have you ever felt that tingling sensation of excitement? I always feel that when I'm on a historical site. It's like reconnecting with my past.

But where does photography fit in all this? I picked up a camera in 2003 when I moved to England to take pictures of castles. I quickly became hooked… and the rest is history (no pun intended).

Photography is the best tool I have to transmit my passion and my vision to help my clients and show them a different perspective of the world. I'm the kind of photographer who can wait months before taking a shot. I will climb trees, crawl into dark holes, and get into places where nobody has dared to go before just to get the precise angle of view I am seeking. I'm obsessed with giving people images never seen before, even if it means taking risks. That's how I get my kicks in life. That's when I feel the most alive.

I'm originally from a small town called Beauceville, not too far from Québec city (yes, I’m Canadian French). I have have travelled frequently to Europe since 2003 and have lived in England and in Poland during those years. Meeting passionate people, visiting historical places, and helping heritage buildings attract more clients is where all the joy is!

My interview with Roger Masterson from Celticcastles.com