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Permanent exhibition at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Montreal
Consulate of Poland, MontrealConsulate of Poland, Montreal
Small exhibition at l'Or en grain, Montréal, Canada, starting on Sept. 15th 2017 until undetermined date.
Or en grain
Photo exhibition in the Polish Art Photographer gallery in the old town of Warsaw, Poland.
My pictures published on Polityka website.

His name is Marc-Olivier Giguère, photographer from Canada. He has been traveling in Europe since 2003 and now lives in Warsaw. He is always looking for things to immortalize. An advantage is that he sees Poland differently than Poles who are too accustomed to their surroundings."Photography is the best way to explore the world, and yourself", he states on his website. "I want to show people something they have never seen before, I'm obsessed.", he says. You can judge his work by yourself.
My article in ZAIKS artist magazine.
My publication in the Art & Business magazine ( English translation below the image.
(English Translation)

The new language of photography.

Marc-Olivier Giguère, a photographer from Montreal, Canada, moved to Warsaw in July last year. With him, he brought something new and exclusive: pictures printed on aluminium.

Marc-Olivier did corporate event and food photography before slowly shifting towards architecture, contemplative and nature photography. He discovered aluminium printing in a printshop in Montreal a few years ago and he was immediately hooked.

When Marc-Olivier started showing his art in Warsaw, people’s reaction was simply “wow!”. He also spoke with other professional photographers and they told him that they had never seen that kind of photography before. From that moment, he knew that it was a niche that he had to exploit. As you can imagine, printing on aluminium is more expensive than printing on paper. Also, the fact that it is a unique photography form and a specialised technique in Poland makes it a luxury and distinctive product.

Marc-Olivier is now proud to have his own photo exhibition in Warsaw. The opening of his exhibition was a big success (Art & Business was there) and you can see his exhibition at MJUD café (ul. kubusia puchatka 8) and BeerStreet Gastropub (bracka 3). All aluminium pictures are also available on paper. You should definitely see the actual aluminium pictures since you cannot visualize the special effect on computer.

(Traduction française)

Le nouveau langage de la photographie

Marc-Olivier Giguère, photographe de Montréal, Canada, est venu s’établir à Varsovie en juillet dernier. Avec lui, il a apporté quelque chose de nouveau : l’impression de photos sur aluminium.

Marc-Olivier a fait de la photographie d'art culinaire et d’activités d'entreprises avant de se diriger lentement vers la photographie contemplative, d’architecture et de paysage. Il a découvert l’impression sur alu dans un magasin de photos à Montréal, et depuis ce temps, il est accro.

Quand Marc-Olivier a commencé à montrer ses œuvres à Varsovie, la réaction des gens a été simplement : « Wow »! Il a parlé à plusieurs professionnels de la photographie ici et tous lui ont dit qu’ils n’avaient jamais vu ça. Il a su, dès lors, qu’il tenait un filon qu’il devait exploiter. Comme vous pouvez l’imaginer, l’impression sur alu est beaucoup plus onéreuse que sur papier. Également, le fait qu’il s’agit d’un produit unique en Pologne en fait un produit de luxe.

Marc-Olivier est fier de présenter ses œuvres à deux endroits à Varsovie. Son vernissage a eu lieu le 27 février dernier et fut un énorme succès. Vous pouvez voir ses œuvres au café MJUD (ul. kubusia puchatka 8) et au BeerStreet Gastropub (bracka 3). Toutes les œuvres sur alu sont également disponibles sur papier. Ne vous contentez pas de regarder les photos sur son site Web car vous manquez le superbe effet que rend l’aluminium.
Exhibition at MJUD café in Warsaw, Poland, in 2016.
MJUD café ExhibitionMJUD café ExhibitionMJUD café ExhibitionMJUD café ExhibitionMJUD café ExhibitionMJUD café ExhibitionMJUD café ExhibitionMJUD café Exhibition
Photo exhibition at the former Beerstreet Gastropub in Warsaw in 2016.