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You don't know the value or the quality of something until you compare it. Since we all like comparing things, I thought I would show clients' photos (left) in comparison with mine (right). I hope you'll see a difference ;) If you want to attract more clients and show that you offer the best customer service and experience, you have no choice but to go for top-quality images. If you are still not convinced that bad images do a lot of harm to your business, I invite you to read the article about B&B’s are losing out on £8.9m a year due to poor photography.

During one of my shoots, I spoke with clients who hired a room in a castle and they said they were very hesitant to book because of the bad quality of the images. Potential clients automatically associate the quality of your service with the quality of your images. If those clients hesitated a lot to hire a room, you can easily imagine how many potential clients decided not to book.... and you just lost a few clients without knowing it. Photography is not an expense, it's an investment.