Heritage Architecture

I like all kinds of architecture photography and heritage building photography but I have to admit that castle photography is a special experience every time. I never feel alone. I'm connecting with souls that once roamed the place. I feel like I'm dressed in shining armour holding a sword instead of a camera :))


The type of artistic photography that I do is mostly derived from my architecture work. For me, artistic photography is when you stop seeing the subject and focus more on the concept of it. Sometimes it strikes you right away, and sometimes, months later. This is when I can get very creative. Your mind has to be in an opened state to see beyond what your physical eye sees.

Few stories deserve to be told...
“I truly believe that there are things that people would have never seen if I hadn’t photographed them.”
Diane Arbus
Before and After

You don't know the value or the quality of something until you compare it. Since we all like comparing things, I thought I would show clients' photos (left) in comparison with mine (right). I hope you'll see a difference ;) If you want to attract more clients and show that you offer the best customer service and experience, you have no choice but to go for top-quality images. If you are still not convinced that bad images do a lot of harm to your business, I invite you to read the article about B&B’s are losing out on £8.9m a year due to poor photography.

During one of my shoots, I spoke with clients who hired a room in a castle and they said they were very hesitant to book because of the bad quality of the images. Potential clients automatically associate the quality of your service with the quality of your images. If those clients hesitated a lot to hire a room, you can easily imagine how many potential clients decided not to book.... and just lost a few clients without knowing it. Photography is not a spent, but an investment.

All of my photos are available on paper, metal paper, plexiglas and white aluminium, but not all are on natural aluminium.
Aluminium printing
Natural Aluminium
Not all pictures are good candidates for natural aluminium printing (grey background). Printing on natural aluminium works best with black and white pictures or pictures with just one or two solid colours. For this reason, only part of my collection is offered on natural aluminium. You find aluminium prints too expensive? Why not try metallic paper? It's a very nice solution!
White Aluminium
White aluminium is somewhat special as it looks like the picture is printed on paper. Not metal is apparent. Contrary to the natural aluminium, the blacks reflect the light much more than the whites. The following picture, The Harbour of Gdansk, Poland, is printed on white aluminium and its dimensions are 40 x 20 in. It is sold for $720 CAD.
To print pictures on aluminium, I deal with a specialised printing shop. Once I receive the print, I mount the print on a wooden frame. Every frame is numbered, autographed and limited in prints. Most of my pictures are limited to 30 prints. For shipping, every picture is individually packaged. If the client receives the picture damaged, I will refund the print.
Examples of metal prints
Copernic Statue - MontrealMontreal Olympic Stadium (The cables of the sun)Copernic Statue - WarsawGdansk Harbor - PolandWarsaw Uprising Monument
Examples of paper prints
The Maria Sklodowska Curie picture is a very special one in my career. It took a lot of preparation and the technical level is extremely high. Limited to 30 prints. If you haven't read the story of how that photo was made.
Read the store behind this photo.