Please refer to my portfolio to see all photos available for purchase. To buy, please contact me directly.

All photos displayed in my portfolio are for sale but not all are available on aluminium. Each print comes with an authenticity certificate and is limited to 15 prints each (all sizes included).
Fine Art Paper
Fine Art Paper
Brushed or white aluminium
Brushed or white aluminium
Brushed or white aluminium
Brushed or white aluminium
12x18 in (30x46 cm)
16x24 in (40x61 cm)
16x24 in (40x61 cm)
20x30 in (50x76 cm)
24x36 in (61x91 cm)
30x44 in (76x112 cm)
Price without frame ($CA)
Price with frame ($CA)

Aluminium prints

Natural Aluminium
Not all pictures are good candidates for natural aluminium printing (grey background). Printing on natural aluminium works best with black and white pictures or pictures with just one or two solid colours. For this reason, only part of my collection is offered on natural aluminium. You find aluminium prints too expensive? Why not try metallic paper? It's a very nice solution!
White Aluminium
White aluminium is somewhat special as it looks like the picture is printed on paper. Not metal is apparent. Contrary to the natural aluminium, the blacks reflect the light much more than the whites. The following picture.
To print pictures on aluminium, I deal with a specialised printing shop. Once I receive the print, I mount the print on a wooden frame.
Examples of aluminium prints

Paper prints

All paper photo are printed on high quality matte-finish fine art paper and framed with a two-inch white border inside. However, not all of my photos can be printed on aluminium and the photo of Maria Sklodowska Curie with the rising sun is one them. The reason is the gradients are too fine and the colors wouldn't be accurate. This photo is a very special one in my career. It took a lot of preparation and the technical level is extremely high. It is limited to 15 prints. Read the store behind this photo.